The Art of Sharing Knowledge


Historically, in terms of business, collaborative spaces occurred through formal structured meeting rooms designed by companies. They were scheduled and flexibility was and still is limited, their aim was the facilitate decision making and creative troubleshooting.

The development of social enterprise through social media online these spaces have undergone a considerable change. To create innovation it must be nurtured through social, informal and creative interactions, and employees desire a more social and creative approach to their work. Me is evolving to we. This adaptation is not only within the formal workplace, but spreading out.

These collaborative spaces and coworking spaces are popping up across many cities around the world, providing high speed internet, kitchen facilities, desk space and a space to meet, give and get advice. A space to collaborate ideas with people that you would not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. These facilitators of business do not come cheap.
The Soho Collective comes in at £35 for a day pass, which includes wifi, printing facilities, teas and coffees, and a book able meeting room. For a monthly pass at £395, you are given your own locker and a key to the building enabling you 24/7 access.
Yet, the price of the space should not be the only factor in your decision making process. Location is highly important. Again, taking the Soho Collective, within touching distance of theatres, restaurants, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Circus, members clubs and hotels. This convenience may not be necessary for an online business and so a cheaper alternative further out would be sufficient. But for a newly starting out business, the proximity to highly influential persons and central places for entertaining would certainly be a plus.

It is tribal instinct, it’s in our bones to want to work with people, yet our education system takes this away from us. We work on our own, our focus is entirely individual and we fight each other to gain better marks. Group work is minimal throughout all levels of education. It is deemed a skill to be able to work as a team, this is entirely skewed.

Rather than finding ways to better ourselves, we should be looking to each other to better each other as a collective. A community of culture, a database and network that can be used to connect people and ideas and skills. The celebration of different skills and a place where there isn’t exclusion. This has begun with places such as the co-working spaces of the Skiff, Brighton, and The Soho Collective, London. This fundamental creative, artistic basis can be seen through the website Groups and Spaces. Just take a look at the list of collaborative art spaces and groups to see that this works,

My dream would to be to create such a spaces, one that is virtual and one that is material. They would work together but facilitate endeavour and imagination. Where people feel they are supported. And spaces where they can freely share their knowledge and gain knowledge. But I do not wish to limit this to artistic endeavour, this should be open to whoever wants to be part of a community. This shouldn’t be new, this is just sharing.

This article is just wonderful!!


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